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Term life insurance often is touted as an affordable way to provide a financial safety net for loved ones who count on you for support. It costs less than universal life insurance because it provides coverage for a limited number of years rather than indefinitely. It’s also cheaper because term life insurance doesn’t have the.. More

What is a HENRY? HENRY is an acronym that stands for High Earner Not Rich Yet. High earners, not rich yet (HENRYs) are individuals who currently have significant discretionary income and a strong chance of being wealthy in the future. Many professionals, including lawyers, doctors, dentists and so on, have the potential to be HENRYs.. More

Do you know that you might be able to convert your term life insurance policy into a permanent life insurance policy?  Most term life insurance policies come with an option to convert a portion up to the full death benefit to a life insurance policy that is built to last your entire life. There are.. More

Is Your Life Insurance Policy Built to Last?

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When most people buy a life insurance policy, they will invariably stash the paperwork in a drawer and probably never even think about that policy again.  “I have a life insurance policy – no need to worry about that anymore”.  Unfortunately, way too many people have had this attitude and come to regret it. I.. More

Term Life Insurance Term life insurance is a great, cost-efficient way to protect your loved ones from the worst case scenario. Even though term life insurance won’t give you as many options as permanent life insurance, it is a budget-friendly alternative.  Term life insurance is a promise from the insurance company to pay your beneficiary.. More

Does Your Life Insurance Policy Have a Surrender Charge? If you have a whole life policy, the chances are high that your policy is subjected to a surrender charge or fee if one were to decide to end their policy early but still want to receive some cash value that the policy has accrued. While.. More

Tactics of Universal Life Insurance Companies When researching what Universal or Whole Life Insurance policies would be best for you, many companies deliver claims regarding the effectiveness of Universal Life Insurance products that may seem too good to be true. If you’re getting the sense that your life insurance policy is too good to be.. More

When Was the Last Time You Reviewed Your Policy? Everyone that currently has a Universal Life Insurance contract on themselves could be affected by the ever-changing financial world. Regardless of the quality of the agent who sold the policy to you,  Universal Life Insurance policies have been subjected to a fluctuating economy that may have.. More

Have you reviewed your whole life insurance policy recently? You have to make sure your whole life insurance policy will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, like many things in life your insurance policy is dependent on its environment. In this case, low interest rates have provided insured clients with the difficult decision of whether.. More